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When Michael Grant was 13, his highway patrol father decided the only way to keep Michael out of trouble was to keep him busy so he put him to work at two different jobs. First, was a day job after school and second, a night job with a bunch of law enforcement officers. The day job was with a family friend who was a manufacturing jeweler with a "behind the scenes" workshop. This workshop offered jewelry repair, diamond setting and custom jewelry for many retail jewelry stores in the San Jose area. Michael started on an engraving machine and began learning basic jewelry repair. Michael worked in this jewelry manufacturing business in the San Jose area until he was 19 ½ years old. At that time, he took the plunge, moved out of his parent's house and opened his own jewelry manufacturing business in Sacramento. Michael built this business into a nine person jewelry manufacturing workshop. He worked a million hours a week for 11 years, went crazy and was steered to a little jewelry store in the mountains which was for sale by one of his accounts. (Michael fancies himself as a trout fisherman since he was six years old!)

Michael rolls the dice, leaves Sacramento, buys this little store and has been living the life at Tahoe ever since. As a bonus, Michael inherited a couple of gals who were very long time employees of this store who greatly helped with the transition from dealing with jewelers to dealing with the public, as they are very different animals! The beautiful Maggie is still with him after about 33 years… we are both older now!!!

Steve Schmier's Jewelry has been in existence since February of 1977 and was voted one of the 50 best jewelry design stores in the United States by the jewelry trade. It is a very fine jewelry boutique surviving nicely in the weather dependent, seasonal resort town of Tahoe City on the north shore of Lake Tahoe where views of the mountain lake, wild animals and fine jewelry are truly exquisite sights.

Our store is small, quaint, personal, casual and comfortable while being just stuffed with exquisite jewelry and lots of unusual pieces.

MOST OF ALL, WE JUST LOVE JEWELRY AND WE LOVE OUR TRADE which is very obvious when you come in!!!

Come enjoy a visit to our beautiful fine jewelry store, truly… no disappointments here!!!

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